North Texas Giving Day 2020

Organized by the Communities Foundation of Texas

For the first time in history, the Azerbaijan-American Music Foundation joined the crowd of non-profit organizations in a ONE DAY ONLY GIVING EXTRAVAGANZA, a fundraising campaign organized by the Communities Foundation of Texas. We registered to participate in North Texas Giving Day on Thursday, September 17th!
We were thrilled and excited from the perspective of communicating with our donors through the fantastic platform serving Texans for many years. Donations made through North Texas Giving Day are increased with matching bonus funds donated by the Communities Foundation of Texas. So, these donations go even further to help us with our mission: building musical bridges, cross-cultural relationships, musical diplomacy, education, and peace.

For Arlington-based smaller non-profit organizations, the Arlington Tomorrow Foundation has set aside a $20,000 bonus fund again this year. This pool to be divided evenly among organizations with an operating budget of $250,000 or less, provided that we would submit a 30- sec long promo video highlighting AAMF's work. A very talented videographer and friend of AAMF, Ian Chapoy, helped us accomplish it and present an animated video that allowed us to receive $769.23 from ATF. Another significant part of this campaign! We exceeded our goal with our patrons' generous donation ($1,252.59) and got awarded $2,021.82 in total grants. Thank you!
Featured video for North Texas Giving Day