Uzeyir Hajibeyli – 135

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2020 marked the 135th anniversary of Uzeyir Hajibeyli, the patriarch of Azerbaijani Classical Music. The event was organized by "Sonmaz Mashal" Cultural Relations Public Union in collaboration with Washington International Piano Arts Council, American-Azerbaijani Music Foundation, Azerbaijan National Conservatory and sponsored by The Council on State Support to NGOs under the Auspices of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Due to COVID 19 pandemic, the event took place virtually on September 18, 2020, on the composer's 135th birthday. AAMF's contributions to the event were the "Ashiqsayaqi" piano trio; "Jangi" piano dance Uzeyir Hajibeyli; and a duet of Velli and Telli from "The Cloth Peddler" comic operetta.
Ashiq (minstrel) art is one of the principal classic symbols of Azerbaijani culture, a traditional art form combining poetry, storytelling, dance, and vocal and instrumental music. The classic repertoire, accompanied by the stringed instrument called saz, a long-necked stringed instrument of the lute family. “Ashiqsayagi” is a cultural expression meaning in a traditional Ashiq style.  
Aleksandr Snytkin (violin), Andrey Ponochevny (piano) and Oliver Schlaffer (cello)
“Jangi,” meaning a warrior, is program music imitating a battle similar to Battaglia of the West's Renaissance and Baroque music. It is a symbol of a knight's march, challenging the enemy and calling for a contest.
Dongni Xie (piano)
"The Cloth Peddler" is a comic operetta by Azerbaijani composer Uzeyir Hajibeyov. The premiere performance took place on October 25, 1913. "The Cloth Peddler," tells the story of a young, wealthy unmarried man in a traditional society who yearns to marry but who wants to defy convention by meeting his bride first. He disguises himself as a poor cloth peddler and falls in love with a wealthy merchant's daughter. She falls for him, too, and defies her father in choosing him.
Ariel Hernandez (soprano), Cesar Velez (tenor), and Jamila Javadova Spitzberg (piano)
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